Today we’re wearing… Wood Wood

von Michael Rothleutner

The imaginative world of Wood Wood is delivered unto us by the creative design duo of T Karl-Oskar Olsen and Brian SS Jensen. The innovative label, based in Copenhagen, combines the best of Europe’s underground grit with the avant-garde for a taste of true street couture. The season’s collection, know as ‘Sunny Side Up,’ is all about the summer’s sunny disposition induced by that extra vitamin-D we generate during these longer summer days. The use of pale yellow, bleached hair and soft, backlit images drives the point home.

A trip to one of international flagships stores, conveniently located in Berlin, provided me the necessary inspiration to write this article. I was just going to tell you how cool the clothes look, but you don’t fully appreciate everything Wood Wood has going on until you get the unbelievably soft textiles in your hands. So make a field trip NOW! Being in their store also afforded me the opportunity to check out a few other cool brands they carry, for example ‘Perks And Mini’ (PAM for short… I <3 YOU MOM!) I also found an ultra sexy Comme des Garçons wallet (faux snakeskin in tan) that I do NOT want to live with out. But the Wood Wood leather goods were just as impressive; I think my MacBook would look pretty sharp in a brown 13” sleeve, no?

Wood Wood brought the drama for their Spring/Summer 2011 show by dousing their models with water before they hit the runway. Founder and designer T Karl-Oscar Olsen explained the creative decision was an effort to bring high fashion edge and showmanship to their purposefully ready-to-wear collection. We’d have to agree, the clinginess resulting from the spray down did underscore the sexiness of the new cuts the fashion house was exploring this season. And what’s not to love about tall, Danish models with beads of water rolling down their svelte bodies? But it was the really cool prints that got me wet in the pants; Wood Wood even whipped up a custom camouflage for the line!

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Michael Rothleutner

Michael Rothleutner

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