Today we’re wearing… United Nude

von Michael Rothleutner

Oh, man.

SRSLY you guys, we love these shoes. srsly.

I don’t know if that was dramatic enough to explain how fascinated we are by what is going on at United Nude for Spring/Summer 2011 which has just gone live on their website.

United Nude’s shoes and accessories could be described as innovative, fun, sexy, and certainly architectural. You see, it is really no surprise considering Dutch architect Rem D Koolhaas is the creative director of the brand, which was launched with seventh generation shoemaker Galahad Clark of the Clark’s shoe dynasty in 2003.

The original ‘Möbius’ shoe design was a valiant attempt by Rem to win back a former love. Utilizing his expertise as an engineer and draftsman Rem produced the one of a kind and personal gift. While the heartfelt gesture failed, (she doesn’t know what she’s missing, you’re better off without her) Rem eventually presented Galahad with the design and the brand was formed.

But back to what makes this season special, well for one the first MEN’S COLLECTION! The star of which is the ‘United Nude Hollow.’ The traditional pony leather shoe rests on a hollow carbon fiber heel, which looks decidedly fashion forward while still remaining classically elegant. But should I visit the flagship-store in Amsterdam or New York it is highly likely that I will buy a pair of ‘United Nude Fold mens’ in every stripy color way.

New to the women’s collection is the very structural ‘United Nude Abstract’ featuring a dramatically high heel on top of a wedge like platform. Also new is a colorful variationof the ‘United Nude Block Ankle Strap,’ which features the season’s signature ‘FluoRed’ on the block heel amplifying the illusion that it is independent of the shoe itself.

Check out the other interesting projects and exciting collaborations put forth by United Nude accessible through their commercial website. Proud is certainly enthusiastic to follow what the brand will continue to offer in upcoming seasons.

Michael Rothleutner

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