Today we’re wearing… Swear

von Michael Rothleutner

Now popularized by bands like Kings of Leon and Radiohead, the British footwear label Swear was started with a very simple mission; to give those cool, young people an alternative to converse sneakers and vintage boots to wear with their unending wardrobe of skinny jeans. ANSWER TO MY PRAYERS. I’ve literally be alternating my red pair of sun-faded converse with this tired pair of doeskin hued suede desert boots for weeks now, but that is just one of the great things about moving across the Atlantic with a single suitcase, right?

But I could totally see myself and every skinny jean cool guy in this office sporting a pair of the ‘DEAN.’ This shoe was the brand’s inaugural design and named in honor of James Dean for his performance in “Rebel Without a Cause.” I DIE. I know; it’s like they MADE these shoes for me! I literally just put the Navy ones in size 45 in my shopping bag… now I just need to find a way to pay for them… that’s not to say that the shoes are unreasonably priced, I’m just living on a ‘modest’ budget.

The women’s collection seems to be following the men’s lead, offering up hi-top sneakers and loafers you might have borrowed from your boyfriend… if he had tiny feet. Still very feminine the unique assortment allows for a bit of the very current androgynous flair. The over-dyed ‘VIENNETTA 4’ boots in red (top) and yellow (online) are particularly astonishing!

The Swear website can hook you up with all the season’s options directly, but places like Peek & Cloppenburg, plus boutiques like ‘Rocket’ in Munich and ‘Geschwisterliebe’ in Stuttgart will also allow you to slip them right on your own two feet.

I TOLD you I was a James Dean fan! And guess what, this tee is from Sisley… it’s like my whole ‘Today we’re wearing…’ world has come full circle!




Michael Rothleutner

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