Today we’re wearing… Stine Goya

von Michael Rothleutner

Having graduated as a fashion designer from Central St. Martin’s in London, Stine Goya debuted at both Copenhagen and Paris in early 2007. Today her collection is found in stores around the globe and online! And dang, gurl. These clothes ain’t for no wallflower. That’s right, Stine Goya’s Spring/Summer ’11 collection demands attention with an endless variety for bold, graphic patterns and embellishment. But the refined color palette, including pale yellow and neutral camel tones, lends sophistication to even the ‘quirkiest’ moments. Contrasting black and white was also used cleverly to an almost optic effect. A sampling of the full collection is available below!

I’m totally partial to these looks, above all for the fascinating geometric patterns printed onto the fabrics. Plus the variation of silhouettes extends beyond just pretty dresses. So lucky for you girls, some of the collection is available now for sale on the Stine Goya website! But you can also find the brand on Facebook or in boutiques like Wood Wood, VOO Store and Hayashi!

Michael Rothleutner

Michael Rothleutner

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