Today we’re wearing… Scifen

von Michael Rothleutner

Still available in limited quantity at great prices on their website, The Scifen Company, a LA based label, offers these great workwear inspired pieces from their Fall 2010 collection (above.) You should become familiar with the brand now, because the Spring 2011 collection (below) promises to be just as rugged, relaxed, and masculine with just the right amount of creative, well-appointed details. The round slit-pocket on their mix of two-tone shirts is particularly interesting and I personally love the bold, retro graphic of the black SCIFEN&CO graphic-t. The unique intellectual design and styling of Scifen is guaranteed to grab the right kind of attention. (Check out the contrast trims and double zippers!) Yet the luxurious, but familiar materials, and fitted, not too snug, cuts will put any guy at ease. The product is a surefire winner for you or your guy.

Michael Rothleutner

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