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von Michael Rothleutner

This subtly printed ‘Carla Dress’ is totally fun in this bright hue and looks great with the graphic belt!

Regardless of the fact I’ve never seen the film, I’m still drawing a parallel between the Danish fashion label nümph and ‘The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants.’ Both involve a group of young women and clothes, it’s right there in the title…

Nümph is the creation of seven young women, all former employees for major fashion companies, who are all about creating their ideal wardrobe. Their philosophy… when we love to wear it, the customer will love it too. Having earned the support of Per Johansen during the start-up, the girls were given freedom to design with total abandon! And thus far, the efforts have proven fruitful.

The polka-dotted ‘Aimee Jumpsuit’ is cool as can be! I love the colors. And the ‘Henry Jacket’ is the perfect layering piece for thislook. Check out that RAD sleeve detail!

Maxi-dresses are not generally something I dig, but I can get down with the ‘Ginger Dress’ for its neat print that looks like a play ona traditional quilting pattern. The bold color is fantastic and the gathering under the bust is guaranteed to be flattering.

The ‘Adda Top’ and ‘Naja Knit’ work flawlessly with the ‘Ohelia Skirt,’for an all around chic look. The mix of pattern and texture is totally sophisticated. I’m in LOVE with the bias tape detail at the hems of the skirt!

I die for scarves and the ‘Roma Scarf,’ styled JUST perfectly, JUST knocked me over. The ‘Vibe Dress’ with its über-cute cloud printed skirt is just as likely to induce lightheadedness from overwhelmingpleasure.
What we love about nümph is that the clothes are feminine, effortless,and trend-right. The fact that they are affordable and accessible is icing on the cake. Nümph believes a girl should be able to buy something for a quick ‘wardrobe tune-up’ and still have something left in her wallet. Whether she uses the spare cash to enjoy a couple mojitos on Thursday or to buy a bundle of white tulips for a girlfriend is up to her.


Michael Rothleutner

Michael Rothleutner

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