Today we’re wearing… Motel

von Michael Rothleutner

COLOR and lots of it. Namely an combo of yellow and blue that Vogue Italia has already identified as on trend for the upcoming season. (And I’m sorry I didn’t bring it to your attention before Vogue, we don’t quite have all of their resources, but they should be keeping an eye out for proud, hear that Franca Sozzani?) But Motel has taken the mix of hues a step further cranking up the intensity to ELECTRIC.

The lookbook that we received from the British label is just packed with captivating photographs drawing their inspiration from the beach life of Southern California. These imagses of Motel’s sun kissed beauty have been burned into my brain. The girl’s face is haunting, her body slammin’ and she wears the brilliant yellow eye shadow, bold eyeliner, and head-wrap well. The tattooed eye candy is also pretty yummy.

But wait, we’re here to look at the clothes. You might already know the label from our pages. See Diary Issue #20. We love Motel not only for its well crafted, vintage inspired “killer-style” (as in the clothes are DYNOMITE… not something a serial killer would wear,) but also that it is reasonably priced and within reach. It is about an easy, unfettered way of living. It is affordable and almost fundamental, like the American institution from which the brand derives its name. There is something just cool about living out of a motel room in the summer with your best friends or cruising on the California coastline. Motel brings that to life.

This summer’s upcoming collection is full of Motel’s signature dresses. The paneled, nude colored dress (above) seems to be drawing inspiration from the feminine, faultless detaining of lingerie. Other dresses in the collection echo the same idea, including a look with black lace at the bust and a flirty sunburst pleated skirt. On the other hand this sleek, black jersey number featuring a boldly colored, woven gesture at the back (below) and the abstracted floral print turquoise and black dress (second from top) look at home on the beach and would translate well into swimwear.

Check out the website now for direct access to all of the latest spring products that musicians Marina & the Diamonds, Florence + The Machine, and Katie White among others are already snapping up.

Michael Rothleutner

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