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von Michael Rothleutner


It was only a matter of time, right? It is no longer a secret that I will love ANYTHING that has come into contact with that Scandinavian air… Alphabeat, Hans Christian Anderson, Carlsberg, Danish-style hot dogs. But being Danish isn’t the only thing that minimum has going for it. It also uses a clever lowercase ‘m’ much like the little ‘p’ of proud magazine. That and the clothes are AWESOME. (I’m using the term, ironically… I don’t know how many Europeans have told me that is the single most obnoxious American English word) But seriously the clothes are just RAD, (any better?) take a look for yourself:

I was particularly attracted to the men’s button down chambray shirt…

…and even more so by the really cool, nautical stripped, shawl-collared sweater with neat toggle closure. Or maybe it just reminds me of a certain lovable Norwegian Erasmus student. But in the same look, the dark navy flight pants look ready for action with cool pocket and zipper details. The shorts, blazer, and cardigan add depth and variety to the men’s side.

In the women’s collection the textured fabrics are the stars of the show. A soft floral print has been drained of its color and edged out with burnout treatment in a thick, horizontal stripes used on a minidress and a pair of leggings for a glam result. …

The same technique was used on black fabric to interesting effect on a charming pair of biker shorts…

…and top. The women’s jackets and knits also cannot go without mention.

It is clear from the merchandise, minimum is thoughtfully designed and attentively produced. The collection elegantly walks the line of being fashion forward while remaining entirely saleable; minimum sells clever, comfortable, cool clothes. Period. It is what we’ve come to identify as pure ‘Scändi Cändy.’

Michael Rothleutner

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