Today we’re wearing… Mexx

von Michael Rothleutner

Okay, guys. I have to admit that I was a little hesitant about this one… so I did a little fact checking first. I guess you could say I’m now a bit of an investigative journalist.

My apprehension mainly was primarily based on the fact that you are clearly more acquainted with Mexx than I am. What kind of fashion expert does that make me? In Europe Mexx is a mega-brand. It is everywhere. How many are in Berlin alone? I don’t know… at least 4, but it’s also available at the department stores. And when a company distributes in over 65 countries worldwide, employs thousands, and generates millions of euros annually it can be hard to pitch it to a group of unconventional and young tastemakers who define themselves through their individuality and a penchant for exclusivity. I mean, what am I really going to tell you about Mexx, right?

Apparently, according to that research I mentioned, I was unknowingly shopping at one of the only four stores left in the United States when the brand entered its twilight stateside. The last store closed its doors there in 2007. But you still have the chance!

And I’m jealous, here’s why…

The clothes for April are CUTE… the high hemlines scream spring and are really doing it for me, and I’m gay. The looks are on trend. The girls have a charming mix of soft chinos, patterned dresses, white button-down shirts, denim shorts, and pretty knit socks. The men’s collection for April is likewise offering us major sex appeal, suggesting that maybe their pants are best enjoyed bare-chested?

But you need it now, you say?

Currently in stores and no less sexy than their looks for April, the collection for March has what some might call a more focused color palette, namely, shades of… periwinkle? But the subtle hue looks great when layered with other deep and vibrant tones of blue. Plus after checking out Codello a few days ago, we’ve already established the denim jacket as seasonal necessity and these ones look great! Mexx is undisputed as a purveyor of quality goods, but will leave you necessary room to mix in your personal attitude and style AND has earned a place on our list of brands we are celebrating this spring.

Hey, Mexx! High Five!



Michael Rothleutner

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