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von Michael Rothleutner

Who are your style icons? Personally angsty James Dean in Rebel Without A Cause, rockin’ that classic windbreaker, comes to mind. But our friends at Elvine have found a pair of adventurers, two pioneers of aviation, to serve as the season’s muses.

Elvine’s lookbook is chockfull of these charming collages transposing the season’s key items onto the heroes themselves. (New age fun with a vintage feel?) I’ve never seen Amelia look so soft and feminine as she does here with the textured, asymmetrical Brooke Cardigan. The fun way the sweater drapes open is very reminiscent of a thick, sherpa-lined flight jacket and gurrrl, where did you GET those boots? The brands mini-bio about the heroine, entitled The Smoking Heroine, nicely sums up why this wild woman deserves the honor:

As a child Amelia Earhart spent her days hunting rats with a rifle and hurting herself trying to ride homemade airplanes from the roof of the family tool shed. She grew up, bought a leather jacket, started smoking and became the first woman to fly solo across the Atlantic – hoping her act would help change stereotypes about women. She started her own groundbreaking fashion line of two- piece clothing meaning that women wouldn’t have to buy suits in one and the same size. She wasn’t ashamed to cash in on her celebrity; thought women should pay for themselves and demanded an open relationship in her prenup when getting married.

On the men’s side, Mr. Lindbergh (the college dropout who one day decided to fly solo across the Atlantic with 5 sandwiches and a bottle of water, the first person to do so) is looking rather dashing in his brightly checkered shirt and blazer with interesting patch pocket detail. But it’s items like the men’s Jack Solid soft-white henley or the light grey Terry Jacket (below) that really jumped out at me. I also wouldn’t mind trying on their colorful slim cut pant options that you should checkout online.

All In all, Elvine is serving up a thoughtful, diverse mix of timeless wardrobe essentials that are smart, even clever, but far from pretentious. Plus it’s Swedish. I have a not-so-secret affinity for anything Scandinavian, I mean Ikea and Lykke Li, anyone?

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Michael Rothleutner

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