Today we’re wearing… Codello

von Michael Rothleutner

As a fashion brand dedicated solely to a singular accessory it can be difficult to forge a unique identity, it doesn’t help that the marketplace is currently brimming over with a flood of lightweight fashion scarves in infinite variations. But what Codello is offering up is unarguably distinct, but given their over eighty years of experience it comes as no surprise.

The mixes of scarves for Spring/Summer 2011 are just dripping with color and personality. The luxurious mix of materials and quality construction reveal themselves in the touch and sheen of the pieces. A few of the season’s highlights have been placed on attractive and well-styled models and feel like an entire fashion story pulled from any current magazine.

The men’s collection is a modern and casual variety of patterned loop-scarves and paisley prints in psychedelic colors. And somehow these soft-to-the touch-goods still manage to maintain a masculine edge. The first look made me such a believer that I’ve requested that my denim jacket be sent to me immediately from the US.


The women’s collection draws from even more exotic Inspirations. The assortment features a scarf that is a surprisingly feminine and sexy take on camouflage. Here it is layered up with other accessories demonstrating how easy it is to reinterpret the piece and make it your own…

I mean there are 100 ways to fold a scarf, right? I might be exaggerating, but you know what I mean, a pretty and lightweight scarf is simply the most versatile and easy-to-wear item in your wardrobe.

Michael Rothleutner

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