The story of funktion one

von Emin Mahrt


You are producing the most legendary loudspeaker systems in the world. How was your start-up?

I began in the mind expanding times of the late 1960s building experimental enclosure designs for my audio rental company. Over the course of my career my designs have been granted many International Patents.

What is so special about you guys that clubs like Berghain or the Fusion Festival use your equipment. Do you have a secret technical recipe?

Yes, we do have a unique technical approach which results in massively lower distortion and a more even frequency response across the vocal range. We also have a unique bass loading technique giving punchier and better defined bass. Furthermore, we do not use line array technology because we believe its smeared transient response gives an inferior audio experience. Berghain and Fusion are amongst many who share our appreciation and enjoyment of pure, clean, dynamic audio.

Why is Funktion written with K and not with C?

It is spelt this way because our roots are in Funk music from the 1970s such as Sly Stone and James Brown and Parliament / Funkadelic.

Where is the biggest and most powerful Funktion One located? How powerful is it?

The biggest permanent Funktion One installation in the World is in an American football stadium at Green Bay, Wisconsin US. It is powerful enough to be heard 240 metres away. In terms of amplifier watts I guess it is approximately 30,000 watts. In terms of club installations I would say Berghain, Berlin and Beta, Denver, Colorado.

Did you design the Funktion One for Techno Music from the beginning? Where do you prefer to build yourself up?

No, we didn‘t design it specifically for any particular music. It is a highly efficient, accurate sound system which is capable of reproducing ANY style of music from classical to house. It is quite wrong to say that different systems are for different genres of music. What is really being noticed is that the inadequacies of other systems are less prominent with certain genres of music.

Please tell me your milestones since company founding?

There have been many milestones including the inception of the Glastonbury Festival but the one that stands out is the Wall concert 1st September 1989 in Berlin where there were over 300,000 people.

Where was the first Funktion One in Berlin located?


What is your dream about the Funktion One in ten years?

That we will still be adhering to our principles of audio quality above all and that the great sound that we can provide for audiences becomes more widespread.

How much do I have to pay to get the basic soundsystem into my living room?

Depends on how big your living room is but probably not as much as yo would think.

Who would be the one, you would build a system for free?

I try to see all people as equal.

Emin Mahrt

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Emin Mahrt

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