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Dear Sweutschers, dear friends who couldn't be on Secret Island,

…for the best Secret Island party ever! You were a wonderful crowd – crazy and lovely – the best! Hopefully, you took along some inspiration back to the unreal life of "Babylon"…
Thanks also for helping to leave the island cleaner than it was before and respecting the nature as well as the locals! We got very positive feedback from them on all issues and they are looking forward to welcome us back next year. You have been a great example of how grown-ups can be wicked, yet responsible party people. Or, as SIN mascot Franco Bianco put it:
"Thanks Secret Island Nation for all this love. This edition was the BEST soooooooo far. I fell in love with many many people, and i really miss and love everyone of you! Thanks, to teach us the real value of community, where everyone has the same status, by collaborating and helping the other just for the pleasure to do it, where everyone takes care about the nature and its environment, and for remembering us that the VIP and capitalism… SUCKS! Secret Island Nation teaches that a different world is still possible." But instead of waiting for SIN 2011 I suggest we all meet here:

Saturday, October 16th @ Salon – Zur wilden Renate, Berlin, 3 Floors, 20 hours

Confirmed DJs include Nooncat, Joel Alter, Jonty Skrufff, Fidelity Kastrow, German Lachs, da Benni, Dirty Ragga Squad, Ante the Foxx, Linus Kocken, Rotze von Brotland. The other DJs have been to lazy to yet respond but I am confident that many of the remaining SIN DJs will come play with…eh…for you.

So, put the date into your calendar and book your flights, more info will follow in the next mailing.

At the reunion party we want to present the best videos and photos (with beamer) from SIN and the winners get a free SIN 2011 festival ticket! This is how it works:
2. Click " + Add Group Photos"
3. Upload your 10-15 best pictures of SIN 2010 to the group
(NOTE: ONLY PHOTOS IN THE SIN GROUP CAN PARTICIPATE!!! If you already have uploaded pix somewhere else, pls do it again on the SIN group photo album. If your pix already are uploaded at the group site, you automatically participate.)
4. Vote by clicking "LIKE"-button (unlimited votes are possible) and encourage others to vote 
6. The winner with the most "LIKE"-votes is announced at Reunion party and gets his free SIN 2011 ticket voucher
Of course, the earlier you put up your photo or video the more time there is to receive "Like" votes.
The same applies respectively to video clips.

NOTE: by uploading photos or videos to the SIN Facebook site(s) you confirm that you have the copyright or consent of its usage by the owner. Furthermore, you agree to promotional use of your material for Schwedenparty or SIN purposes without limitations or claims. If your material is used by press, the media will be informed to publish your name with the material. are used ok to publish without asking in future, including your name if in press. Questions? Ask!

You remember the film team? Well, on SVT1 the program "Sverige!" has featured Secret Island Nation Festival with a part of about 5 minutes. It begins after about 40 seconds:
PLS HELP!! Does anybody know how to download the stream,  cut the SIN part out, upload it on Youtube and then get a big kiss from me?!?
From Expressen, something like Germany's Bild Zeitung:
5 great and extensive interviews with Jake the Rapper, Fidelity Kastrow, Franco Bianco, DJS with bad Haircuts and David Hasert made on SIN by Jonty Skrufff (tack homie!):
Today, we can provide you with quite a few hours of various SIN DJs music. Firstly, a 2-hour unique back2back2back-mix was recorded live in Sweutschland by Franco Bianco (ARG), Nooncat (RU) and Hypnorex (DE):
Kamelkollektivet from Oslo recorded live on SIN Saturday afternoon:
Then, of course, you should enjoy the contributions from all the DJs participating in the SIN DJ competition hosted by HMWL, including the winner mix b "Fulast" who won the DJ-slot on SIN:
Highly active DJ extra-ordinairy ;) Jonty Skrufff was inspired on SIN to put up his "Vikings Are Much Misunderstood"-mix. It's full on, high energy late night turbo-charged electro-techno mix:
Finally, SIN DJ Futeki presents this:
Love Parade founder Dr. Motte is politically very active and his latest suggestion is to quickly renew your (German) ID-card in order to avoid getting the new ID card including a RFID chip. Read his words:
"Ab dem 01.11.2010 gibt es nur noch den neuen Personalausweis, bei dem Deine Daten nicht sicher sind.  Zudem ist er wesentlich teurer, als der alte. Wenn er also bald abläuft oder Deine Daten dir wichtig sind, solltest Du darüber nachdenken, im Oktober einen alten Ausweis zu beantragen. 

Siehe Info-Link:,3672,8104562,00.html

Wenn Du dich noch nicht um einen neuen (alten) Ausweis gekümmert hast, ist der 29.10.2010 der letzte Stichtag. Danach gibt es nur noch den neuen Chip-Ausweis. Ein alter Ausweis kostet bei Verlust 8 EUR und Du hast für 10 Jahre noch den alten."

Text: Björn I Schwedenparty


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