proud artist shoot with Yuja Wang

von Haniball Saliba

You’ve played all over the world. Is there a city you will never forget?


You said, that you don’t love the piano. How is your relationship to the instrument?

Promiscuous, paranoid and controlling

What is your favourite Song beside classical music?

Jeff buckley’s album Grace

How would you characterize the audience at your concerts?

For me, its a mass of blackness when I m on stage. I try not to think of their presence, only music.

What is the fascination about classical music?

What is it?!:)

What would you do with your life…

instead of being a musician? Movie director, or fashion designer

Who were the most inspiring composers to you?

Chopin, Stravinsky, Brahms

How much of your art is talent, how much hard work?

Its all work until talent push it to be extraordinary

Why did you start playing the piano?

Because I love orchestral music and piano can imitate it all using imagination besides the fact that its a easiest instrument to start off physically

You’re a fan of Lady Gaga. Her music, too?

I like her song bad romance and her meat dress.

Yuja Wang

Yuja Wang

Yuja Wang

Yuja Wang

Want to see the making of?

Styling • Concept • Production Haniball Saliba

Photographer Bert Spangemacher

Hair and Make Up Christiane Buchholz @ Nude-Agency using YSL

Photographer Assistant Odin Schuchmacher

Special Thanks to Christin Wittelsbach @ Hotel-Amano

Haniball Saliba

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