NABSHOW 2017: Tech and media in Las Vegas

von Marta Ordeig

Whoever said “What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas” didn’t know about NABSHOW, “Where content comes to life… and goes mainstream!”. Once a year, in April, the global shapers of the entertainment industry to craft and decide what we are going to be watching for the next 10 years 6 months.

This year, the main topic was “The M.E.T.” effect, that’s the result of the three, once distinct, fields of Media, Entertainment and Technology, which are now converging and becoming something far greater than the sum of their parts. The M.E.T. effect in redesigning the very nature of how we live, work and play and pushing the limits of what’s possible, and transcending once fictional innovations that are now real-world tools in media and entertainment.

One of the hottest topic this year was VR, which could not be called “new” as it’s been around for quite some time, but it is peaking now as technology is catching up with it. At the VR pavilion one could demo the latest VR cameras and editing softwares, as well as experience 360 dome to be tele transported to another reality with your friends, or rather, fellow strangers attending NAB trying to figure out where this is all leading us to; is there gonna be a moment when we can no longer distinguish between reality and virtuality?

Of course, like in any other event -and specially in Vegas-, most of the networking is done after hours. If you know which doors to knock and the right name to call out, you can literally step into another world with no need of a VR set. From a mansion in the middle of the desert you could climb a tree house and share an ice cachimba with some of the most well-paid DOP’s of the moment, drink tequila shots from an ice sculpture with renowned filmmakers, and watch a billionaire CEO dance with a group neon go-go dressed up like a dragon, and… Well, that last part might be one of the things that do fall into the category of “what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas”…

See you next year on April 7-12 at NABSHOW 2018!


Marta Ordeig

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