Joey Hansom -Best of 2010-

von Benjamin Gruber

As the calendar year ends, audiophiles will argue over whether it was a “good year” or “bad year” for music — my philosophy is that if you dig deep enough, it’s always a good year. When I dug through tracks for this best-of-2010 mix, I tried to avoid more obvious selections, hoping to expose listeners to something new. Yet what’s new can in fact sound quite old, from the dusty disco of Escort and Midnight Magic, to the analog electro-funk of Jimmy Edgar and Breakbot, to the diva house of Teengirl Fantasy and Hard Ton — even Devo’s “Fresh” sounds vintage!

Some other acts here manage to combine elements of our pop music past into something a bit more transcendent, most notably the happy hardcore gospel hip-house of Shunda K’s “I’m da Best”, and Stellar OM Source’s “Here is Tonight”, which sounds something like Robert Fripp soloing over a Sonic the Hedgehog theme. And just as they’ve combined disparate influences into something cohesive, I tried to do the same with this mix as a whole, crafting a smooth listening experience regardless of the juxtapositions. I hope it keeps you warm during these winter months. Hell, crank it all the way up til you break a sweat! Enjoy.

Joey Hansom

Joey hansom -Best of 2010 by proud

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