Itay Shrem

von Redaktion

Partyveranstalte. Nächstes Event: dream 31. Juli – Messe  Berlin

When you think back to the many events and partys you’ve been to, which one was your favorite? And why?

Millennium, the beginning of the end – at least everybody believed so! Somehow it was the after party of a new era, a party of 4000 people, many of them in costumes.

How did you come to organize events?

My team and I have been organizing events for about ten years now. But especially in the last few years we’ve changed a lot. We felt that things can be done better. We believe that party hosts should invest more in the production as well as the line up. In the end we decided to create DREAM, something gigantic which touches everybody.

In which way do you differ from other event organizers?

Our expertise is luxury events. We believe in the art of being special and making things different than others in our branche. The idea of the DREAM brand is that each and every guest, who decides to join our fantasy, will feel his or her personal dream coming true … hearing and feeling the best DJs in the world with an on-sight production never seen like that before.

Which were the biggest clients you’ve been working with in your career?

The prime minister of Italy, Silvio Berlusconi, and the president of France, Nicolas Sarkozy.

What was the maximum number of party people you ever had on one of your events?

50,000 in Tokyo.

Did you ever have problems with the police?

Any funny stories to tell .. Just once, a birthday party we organized in Monte Carlo. The party took place in two locations, the Monte Carlo terrace and a VIP yacht, where we had organized a massive firework installed under water. The firework was located in a specific area which all legal authorities knew about weeks before the event. Then on the day of the celebration one police boat didn’t check the instructions notified by the city. It got directly into the massive massive firework zone. So when we started the firework the police officers on board were convinced of being under attack, which led to a lot more police cars, a chopper … and for us to one of the best productions ever, without paying anything for special effects!

Who is your favorite musician you would love to constantly book?

Actually it is the DREAM Berlin line-up. Every act represents our way of dreaming. We would love to book each and everyone of them for all our shows.

Which promotional tools do you use for pushing your events?

We use many promotional channels, personal as well as commercial.

Can you tell us something about the development in your branche? What did change in the time you’ve been dealing with that business?

I think – aside from one or two exceptions – it is massive, but high quality indoor productions which have slowly disappeared from the party branche. Event organizers have just more and more been settling with low budget DJs and low budget productions and by that disappointing the crowd and losing the most of it. DREAM is all about getting it back, showing the world’s best DJs Tiesto and David Guetta along with the best upcoming DJs like Mark Knight, Oxia, Claude Von Stroke, Jessy and many more and combining that with a massive, unforgettable production, bringing back an era but with a clear sight for the future. What was the greatest challenge for the DREAM event?

To make each and everyone for one night dream the same DREAM with us.

And what are you most proud of when thinking about it? Come to our DREAM on July 31st and you’ll see for yourself!

How many guests do you expect on the 31st July? 10,000-15,000 depending on the city approval, we hope we’ll get approval for 15,000.

Do you party yourself on events you organized? Unfortunately somebody has to stay awake while everybody else is dreaming ,but sure I’d like too

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