From experimental electronic sound mash to film soundtracks. Emino Grande is surprising with a new sound in 2021.

von Redaktion

In times of Ableton sync and loop libraries it is refreshing to hear experimental sounds. Not everything fits, nothing sounds mastered. Talking to Emin he explains that all songs are basically a one take. A collection of sounds he feels fit together, played like a experimental jazz session where each sound represents an instrument played together in some sort of synced improvisation. Sometimes loud, sometimes quiet, they blend in, appear and disappear in moments you won’t expect it. All sounds originate from VST plugins like Arturia and played on a small Atari midi keyboard and on the keys of the MacBook used for production. The third device (next to the mandatory MacBook and the midi keyboard) is a mini Ableton push controller to start and stop the sounds and fade them in. Overall the setup fits on a kitchen table and the most popular track so far, finestra, was produced on the laptop only without any additional devices. Even though you can hear the simplicity in the tracks, all melodies, drums and baselines are original and imagined and played by the artists. We are looking forward to hear more songs from him, although the album was a project of one week and two tracks where produced per day, one in the morning, one at night.
His work is published via Distrokid on his label GRANDE on all major platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music and Amazon. More music to be expected soon.

Listen to all of his tracks here:


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