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von Tobias Heintz

How did 2011 kick off for you?

Lots of parties and a nice NYE in Berlin, firing fireworks from a Berlin roof was a nice way to start 2011.

You’re a pretty frequent guest in Berlin. As far I know, Berlin Festival was the last time you played here. How did you like it?

Actually, we played in Icon for NYE and couldn’t do the Berlin Festival because of the snow that blocked JP in Paris. But one of us was there and saw the cool 2 Many DJs light show.

Do you like Berlin club scene in general?

Yes we really love it, this city has a little bit more than the others for sure, you can party any time! And you have the public transport at night, which is really useful!

What’s you favourite club to spin at in Berlin? Why?

We really enjoy playing at Icon, we did it a lots of times. It’s a real club, dark, hot and loud, the best ingredients for a nice party! For afterparties we love Berghain, it’s perfect to finish a night in a good way, you can lose the notion of time and you just enjoy the crazy atmosphere, it’s a place with a lot of surprises, like the ice cream bar!

Where in Berlin can you be found, if not behind turntables? Favourite Bar / Café / Park / Shop?

We are not Berliner enough to know the places, we mostly just land, eat, play, sleep and take off, the normal life! But the few times we could chill around were really cool, there’s lots of second hand vinyls and original presents to bring back.

Both of you are French. How come you’ve signed with a German record label?

Just through Myspace! With the Internet you can now be from Peru and sign on with an Australian record label, everything is really easier.

Which audience do you like better – the French or the Germans?

In France we have a good crowd but the mood depends a lot on the town where we play, we never know what’s going to happen. In Germany the audience is always cool, they react good and really enjoy the night in a good way. We can say that about all the places we’ve played at. So maybe we prefer the German audience ;)

Even though you’re well known in the electronic music scene, it’s almost impossible to find something personal about you on the Internet. I only know that Pacey studied engineering and Jean-Patrick went to a film school. Tell us more! What do you do when you’re not spinning? What’s your favourite yoghurt? What do you eat for breakfast?

Most of the time when we don’t play, we listen to music at home, try to make music for ourselves, keep on learning production things and try weird things to see how it sounds. Some Xbox and TV and that’s it, the perfect definition of nerds!

Do you manage to eat breakfast at all? Despite your working hours?

We don’t have breakfast that often, because of our fucked up sleeping cycles, but we try to eat as good and fresh as possible at least.

I know, asking DJ crews about their names is always a bit of a disappointment – but I’ll do anyway. When you google “pilou”, the Internet spits out two meanings: A pilou is a) cotton flannel and b) a brand of chainsaws. Are you more a) or b)? Or none of them?

None of them! We chose it, because it just sounded good for us. But it doesn’t mean anything literally.

You’re pretty creative with your track names as well. Some examples from your last EP “Bielle”: Booty Pills, Goog, Russian Forrest… How do you know what a Russian forrest sounds like?

Haha, for us it sounds like the track we did, the perfect answer to this question is in the track. So listen and you can imagine what a Russian forest is like in our heads.

What can we expect on the 11th and 12th of February, when you play the EX!T parties?

Big noize, crazy dances and much love to everyone!


Tobias Heintz

Tobias Heintz

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