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Ladies and Gentlemen!

We are proud to present “CATCH – GHETTO WRESTLING” this Saturday, June

11th, at the Bethanien, Kreuzberg

Costumed madness, music and mayhem, 8pm til midnight, first bout 9pm.

and it’s FREE!!!

Studio 2, 2nd Floor, Bethanien, Mariannenplatz 2, 10997 Berlin


more details: disgustinglyclever


FAQ’s and wrestling rules below

Those that want to wrestle should make a costume and let us know their wrestling identity by emailing: Bis Samstag!!!


CATCH Ghetto Wrestling is about FUN, not FIGHTING.

It is a spectacle where creativity in costume and character is more important than wrestling ability.

The character you create, the aura you project, and the show you put on are the things that will show your true might to the audience. The  fact that your opponent will wipe you out in a second doesn’t matter – the image of your glorious character will already be burnt into the brains of your new fans!

CATCH Ghetto Wrestling – RULES

CATCH Ghetto Wrestling has the same rules as normal wrestling – three falls, three submissions, or a knock-out – but we would like to avoid knock-outs if possible. It’s no fun sitting in a hospital in pink lycra and a leopard skin cape!

A fall – This is when your opponent pins both your shoulders to the floor while the referee counts to three

A submission – This is when your opponent has you in a hold you can’t escape from, and you have to submit (admit defeat)

A knock-out – This is when your opponent knocks you unconcious and your friends have to take you to hospital. No fun!

Depending on time restraints, matches may be judged on only two or even one fall, one submission, or a knockout. This will be made clear by the referee before the start of each match.


CATCH Ghetto Wrestling matches are not divided into rounds. The battle continues until their is a winner or both wrestlers drop from exhaustion.


Other rules:

A costume is essential. No costume, no wrestling!

Please ensure your costume is free of sharp objects (eg, studded belts, rings, etc) that could injure your opponent. Costumes can feature these things but you will be required to remove them before you are allowed to fight.


No weapons – comedy weapons that are unable to cause any real harm are allowed, if the wrestlers costume/character supports their use (eg, if the wrestler is dressed as a Red Indian and carries a foam rubber tomahawk)

No shoes in the ring – if a pair of thigh length boots complete your costume, great, but you will be required to remove them before battle commences.

Nudity is allowed, but if this is your costume you must wear a mask and cover your genitalia – exposed genitals give you an unfair advantage over a fully clad opponent. Should your genitals become exposed DURING combat the match will be allowed to continue, and we look forward to seeing the photos on Facebook!

No kicking

No biting

No hair pulling

No punching

No blows beneath the belt

No heavy petting

No eye-poking

No gouging

No spitting

No sexual assault


Just good, clean grappling, pushing, shoving, tripping, holds, arm locks, judo throws, verbal abuse, crowd-baiting, manical laughing, etc


The referees decision is final

Each wrestler is allowed to have a trainer, a manager, cheerleaders, medical team, spiritual adviser, lawyer, mother, etc present for support/first aid/to hold their drink while they get their grapple on!

Signature intro and fight tunes encouraged. Bring them in MP3 format and arrive early so the DJ’s have time to log your request.


Ghetto Wrestling FAQs

Q: I want to wrestle – how do I take part?

A: Please email the following details to:


Email address:



Wrestling name (if known):

Wrestling persona (if known):

(by persona we mean any details to your character – costume, secret weapons, special moves, back story etc)

With these details we can set up the most interesting bouts. All contestants should be sure to read the “Rules” posted above.


Q: Do I need any wrestling experience?

A: No. In fact we prefer our combatants to have no previous wrestling experience. Ghetto Wrestling is about the spectacle, the costumes, and the performance.


Q: Do I pay a fee to enter?

A: No. Just let us know in advance that you will take part, and be sure to read the rules!


Q: Can we enter as a tag team?

A: Yes. Maximum 5 wrestlers per team. Please send the following details for each member of the team to


Team Name:

Email address:



Wrestling name (if known):

Wrestling persona (if known):

(by persona we mean any details to your character and the team – costumes, secret weapons, special moves, back story etc)

With these details we can set up the most interesting bouts.

In the event of only one tag team entering, we will put the whole team

in the ring at once, and the last (wo)man standing will be the victor!


Q. Do audience members have to have costumes?

A: No, but we encourage everyone to get into the spirit. If you have friends that are wrestling, why not make your own “fan t-shirt” with the wrestlers name, or make a banner or placard to show your support, and be sure to cheer/boo the wrestlers as appropriate.


Q: How much does it cost to watch?

A: Nothing, it’s free! There will be a cash bar though, so bring some money!





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