Artist Shoot with Mz Sunday Luv

von Haniball Saliba

Artist Shoot with Mz Sunday Luv

chain dress, leather blinders, leather gloves, leather armbands Butcherei Lindinger
jewellery Tom Shot

I’m curious about your name. It’s Mz like Ms.?

Exactly. The name came because I was doing burlesque shows before I got into doing music. I always wanted to do music, but burlesque was just easier to get into. So hence the really theatrical name. But ideally I want to get to the point where it’s just my first name. Just Sunday.

You were born in Canada?

I was born in Canada, but one day after my first birthday my mother went back to Europe. She was a singer too. So I grew up in Greece, but we travelled a lot. I was already used to being in clubs by the age of three, on the dance floor while my mom was singing. In Greece you can get away with that in some places.

You’re a singer as well and have a great voice.

I think it just runs in my family. My mom is an amazing singer. She’s way better at singing than I am. My brother can even sing. He’s shy about it, but he can.

What about the piano?

When I was a kid I always loved my piano. I was raised in a kind of strict family so I had to come home right after school and the first thing I did was sit down at my piano. But whenever my school work wasn’t getting enough attention my family took my piano away from me, which broke my heart.

Where did your career start?

It was an accident. I was dancing at a party and I was 17, when somebody saw me and thought I’d make a really good assistant choreographer for their dance group. Eventually I was given the dance group and then somebody made me a talent coordinator, and that turned into me throwing parties and into learning to DJ and into production and music. Even the whole being in Berlin thing was me being a very lucky girl.

FOUR YOU : SUNDAY by Mz Sunday Luv

I found this saying in a book recently: Indecision is the basis for flexibility. You think?

No. I think indecision is like a deer in the middle of the street. You gotta choose. Maybe you’re making a wrong decision to go running around the world, but it’s better than to just stand there waiting for the car to hit you. Don’t sit there thinking, what should I do, because before you know it you’re old and you haven’t done anything.

Do you have a goal in life? You’re a dancer, a singer, a musician, a DJ, a burlesque performer and you even spit fire…

You name it, I’ll do it. It just comes naturally. It’s easy to get things done when it’s something you enjoy.

With so many projects running simultaneously, is there something you’ve had to give up?

Partying. I mean I still go out, but I need to justify the time I spend on partying.

You seem used to fashion shoots.

Yes. Even though I don’t see myself as a very fashionable person. I guess I have the style, but I’m pretty casual. I’m a pretty plain person dressed in my three Euro T-shirt all the time, but when I get on stage I can take all the colorful inside of me and project it. It’s the same at photo shoots or on stage or at some crazy fetish parties, where you get to live out that persona that you don’t wear to Kaiser’s.

HANDS 4 PIANO – SUNDAY by Mz Sunday Luv

In his email to you, Haniball asked you to bring your own style. So what did you bring?

I brought my high heels and my style man.

During photo shoots, it doesn’t seem like you mind exposing yourself?

Well – I don’t think I really ever expose myself. You’re never gonna see a picture of my bare ass. I mean, if you got it flaunt it. But it’s always body paint, or chain mail, or a type of mesh. I want to keep it classy, while being trashy. I like to leave a little something to the mind. Sometime’s I’ll be wearing a really sexy dress and I bend over to get my record and that photographer has the perfect angle and of course he puts the picture on the internet and then everybody says: Oh look, she’s topless! No. I was bending over to get a record and the dick took a picture.

Any upcoming releases in 2010?

Are there any?! There’s a lot man. The first release of 2010 is on Ministry Of Sound’s Sound Of Berlin with Marco Resmann. It’s called I Will Love and I love that song! I also have an EP coming out on FHD Records that I produced with Geiger and Kinder.

Lev Nordstrom

Artist Shoot with Mz Sunday Luv

dress Butterflysoulfire

leather gauntlet Butcherei Lindinger

gloves A-zone

socks American Apparel

jewellery Tom Shot

wig Pop Shop

Artist Shoot with Mz Sunday Luv

dress Butterflysoulfire
leather bondage hat, leather hand cuffs Butcherei Lindinger
jewellery Tom Shot

Artist Shoot with Mz Sunday Luv

dress Dimitri
t-shirt Lee
leather hand cuffs, leather harness Butcherei Lindinger
boots X-trax latex
belt Tres ́ bonjour
wig Pop Shop

Artist Shoot with Mz Sunday Luv

dress Jil Sander
leather bondage doggy gloves, leather shackles Butcherei Lindinger
shoes X-trax
jewellery Tom Shot

Production, Concept, Styling Haniball Saliba
Photograph Jan Mielke
Hair and Make up Tom Ludwig
Photographer’s Assistant Sonja Hornung



Haniball Saliba

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