A bottle of Held Vodka with kid606

von Miron Tenenberg

Are you thirsty? Okay, wonderful! Why are we talking in English?

I‘m from Oakland, California. I got here two years ago and originally thought I was going to go back and forth, but what happened is I never wanted to go back. The neighborhood I lived in went really bad. When I came back a few months ago there were cops right outside my house with guns, chasing down murderers. It was literally like crack houses were springing up left and right. It was crazy.

Let‘s toast to that. Welcome to Berlin!

I‘ve never felt unsafe in Berlin.

I‘ve had a gun pointed at me twice in Berlin.

Really!? I think I‘d ask them to just shoot one off, just so I‘d know it‘s really loaded.

I was recently listening to your new release ‚Shout At The Döner‘, while washing the dishes in my kitchen and I must say, it completely blew me away! And I thought, wow, this is really hot shit that I have here. Let‘s drink to that! Are you really that hardcore?

I‘d like to think I was. I think that the fact that I make music allows me to be sane. I could have turned out to be such a weirdo. I was on the path to being one of those people, who live with their mom, broke up with everyone they ever went out with, addicted to something, or just dead – if I didn‘t make music. I think music gets that all out. I need the attention that music gives me. I was really into psychology as a kid because I thought I was really crazy. One of the things I read said, you know someone is crazy when they just have to talk to people they meet randomly. I think me making music is the equivalent of me talking to everyone on the street that I see. I think there‘s a crazy person inside everyone and you try to hide it, but being a musician you definitely benefit from putting it all out there. Cheers!

Cheers! How do you go about creating your music? I‘m guessing your current album is probably one of your longest releases.

I don‘t think time means shit with music. I think the best records that have been released have been under thirty minutes. I think the album was me being like, if anyone actually does buy music these days, at least give them their money‘s worth. I find it really hard to release music. Since I don‘t buy music because it either gets given to me or it‘s just out there to get for free, I find it really hard to say what‘s worth peoples‘ time and money. Music nowadays is like fucking charity. You can find almost anything for free now. And I still have people Myspace-ing me like some cute girl in Minnesota being like, hi, I don‘t have a credit card and I really want this and this record. Can you give it to me? And I just want to be like, just fucking google it! Go find it on rapidshare or something! Figure it out! I‘m fine with people stealing my music, but don‘t make me show you how to do it! Cheers!

So what does the title mean? Shout At The Döner!?

Well, you know what a Döner is, don‘t you?

Well yeah, but I mean, what is that supposed to mean? Cheers!

Mötley Crüe released a record called ‚Shout At The Devil‘… get it!? Here listen to this…

Okay, let‘s have some more vodka. New music, new glass of vodka. Cheers! You don‘t straight drink it anymore…

You mean drink the whole thing? It tastes good. Just sip it, sip it. So a DJ-friend of mine told me a typical Berlin story. He said, what you do is since you probably play your show on Friday and Saturday, you go out to the club on Sunday when you get back from the airport. And then there‘s a girl that has already been at the party for two days and she‘s about ready to go home and then you just go home with her, as opposed to having to meet her Friday night, hang out with her Saturday and Sunday and then wait until she is about ready to pass out. You would think that with so much partying and drug abuse going on, it would be easier to pick up girls in Berlin. However it seems that Berlin has attracted the girls with the most endurance.

Let‘s listen to some more music! Cheers!

I had to do an interview with Radio Eins

Electronic Beats…

Yeah! And they gave me this fucking…

Es klopft an der Tür.

What, are we too loud?

Are you from Radio Eins?

Unbekannter: No, not really. Sorry, sorry to interrupt.

We are too loud?

Unbekannter: No. It‘s soundproof bitch! Bitch, it‘s soundproof in here! You don‘t get too loud in a fucking soundproof room!

I‘m sorry! Drop some knowledge, what‘s wrong? Do you want a drink?

Unbekannter: Oh, no thank you. Do you have a key for the restrooms?

But the bathroom‘s open, bro’.

Unbekannter: No, no, I mean downstairs?

What‘s wrong with our bathrooms?

Unbekannter: Na, da unten sind halt um die zehn Mädels, wir machen da ein kleines BBQ.

Die sollen hoch kommen!

Unbekannter: Seid Ihr ein Weilchen noch hier, oder wie?

Nee, nicht wirklich. Aber tut mir leid. Du bist gerade offiziell störend. Wir machen hier gerade ein Interview mit ihm.

Unbekannter: Also für ganz unten habt ihr auch kein Schlüssel, ja?

Wir machen wirklich ernsthaft ein Interview mit ihm. Er ist der Einzige, der hier irgendwie Geld zahlt, damit er hier sitzen darf.

Unbekannter: Okay. Okay.

We should talk in English again.

Unbekannter: Okay. Thanks anyway.

But let us know. If the girls want to use the bathrooms up here… Or you could just take the toilet paper with you! By the way, do you guys like Mojitos?

Interview Miron Tenenberg

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Dolby Anol-Red Leather (Kid606 & the Acid Trap remix) by kid606


Miron Tenenberg

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